End Torture in California Prisons!

Once again, prisoners in California have gone on a hunger strike – work stoppage. One of the main issues is the use of solitary confinement. Based solely on the accusation of another prisoner, a prisoner can be considered to be “gang affiliated” and if he or she doesn’t start naming other names, he or she is locked in solitary confinement for 22.5 hours per day. Some have been in solitary for over 20 years. (Note: Even if the prisoner is “gang affiliated”, naming names can be a death sentence in the prisons.) This solitary confinement for practically the entire day is psychological torture; there are no two ways around it. The entire California prison authority are guilty of crimes against humanity, as is California Governor Gerry Brown.


Imagine being locked in here for almost the entire day, year after year after year after….

For those in California, join the protest at Corcoran if you can on Sunday, July 13.


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