The Devil’s Triangle: How Big Green, Mainstream Labor & Democrats Derail the Struggle to Stop Fracking


John Reimann


Fracking kills.
It kills by poisoning the earth, the water and the air.
It kills by destroying wilderness and open space areas.
It kills by destroying our quality of life.
It kills by releasing methane – a potent greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere.
It kills by diverting investment and resources away from developing renewable energy sources, thus enormously exacerbating global climate disruption/global warming.

And the entire gamut of Corporate America – from the oil and gas industry to the major financiers – is lined up to continue to rape, plunder and pillage the environment using this disastrous practice. Covering for them, major environmental NGO’s and supposedly environmentally conscious politicians, as well as the mainstream union leaders are pretending that it can be made acceptable if properly regulated.

Boulder County, CO

In the State of Colorado, one of the most prominent environmental leaders is Elise Jones, now a member of the Boulder County (CO) Board of Commissioners. Elise started her career working for the National Wildlife Federation .

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