Capitalism Kills: Capital Punishment in the United States

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When little George Stinney was executed by the State of South Carolina, he was all of 14 years old. He was so little that they had have him sit on the Bible he was holding in order to raise him up high enough to properly electrocute him. As the 1800 voltes convulsed his little body, his face mask fell away, revealing the tears rolling down his cheeks.

220px-George_Stinney_1944George had been railroaded on a charge of killing two little girls. His “trial” lasted all of one day and no witnesses were called in his defense, and his conviction was based on an alleged verbal confession forced out of him by the cops. His entire family had been forced to flee the state, under threat of being lynched, so George had to face this horror all alone in the world. Can you imagine the pain, the feeling of being totally alone, the absolute terror of the last few weeks of this 14 year-old’s life? George was black; the two little girls were white. That was all the State of South Carolina and the white racists in the state needed to know; that was all they cared about.

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