Stop Privatization – a campaign statement from John Reimann for Oakland mayor


Campaign statement by John Reimann for Oakland mayor. For more information, see:

Why I will be running for Oakland Mayor   “In February of this year I posted this article What an Oaklandsocialist for Mayor in 2022 Campaign Could Accomplish. As I pointed out there, Oakland is not an isolated island; there is not a single issue that workers in Oakland face that can be resolved outside of a national, and in fact an international, working class political movement. That is true for issues related to low pay, lack of jobs and poverty, including homelessness and crime. It is true for issues involving racism and police brutality and the criminal (in)justice system. It is true for issues involving public health, especially in the era of covid. And it is true for environmental issues. Therefore, mine will be a campaign to add a voice towards taking one small step in the direction of building a working class movement and a mass working class party in the United States…..” See more https://oaklandsocialist.com/2021/12/13/why-i-will-be-running-for-mayor-in-oakland-in-2022/
























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