Amazon Labor Union Wins!

The smashing victory of the Amazon Labour Union in Staten Island, NY, is the real sign of the times. Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer and a small crowd of fellow workers overcame the resistance of one of the mightiest corporations in the US and the world. They did it with hard work and trusting the workers. Hopefully, this will set of more such activity by Amazon and other such workers across the country.

Oaklandsocialist has experience helping both union and non-union workers organize and would like to put that experience at the service of any workers who want to discuss where to begin.

update: Amazon workers are some of the workers who are most easily accessible to the general public. Every day there is probably nearly a dozen Amazon trucks in my neighborhood. I’ve talked with several of those drivers. One hadn’t heard about this victory but was interested. Another said that a lot of his co-workers were discussing this, that a union would be difficult but it was necessary. I think we fellow workers of the general public should try to talk about this victory with all the Amazon workers they can and encourage the development of a general buzz among Amazon workers nation-wide.

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