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When Donald Trump Became Speaker of the House

Few paid attention when Matt Gaetz promised to nominate Trump for Speaker of the House if the Republicans won control in November. (See video above.) Those who did scoffed. They shouldn’t have, not after the Republicans cleaned the Democrats’ clock in the elections. Most pundits expected Republican gains, but hardly any expected the Democrats to get their clocks cleaned like it was. In the senate, the Republicans gained 13 seats, giving them 67 in all. In the House, they gained 32 seats, also giving them an overwhelming majority.

Joe Biden said he regretted the loss but looked forward to working with his good friend Mitch McConnell, whom he knows and has worked with for many years. When asked his response to that statement, McConnell mumbled something that sounded like he was clearing his throat and walked away. In the House, on the first day of the new session, Matt Gaetz made good on his promise and nominated Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House. There were nervous titters from the liberals. The Wall St. Journal bemoaned the situation and blamed the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi and her radical agenda.

Lauren Bobert on her way to her office in 2023, accompanied by her chief of staff and another aide.

Trump was elected speaker by acclamation. As he took the position, he gave a rip roaring speech about stolen elections, never again, and that Biden and Harris would pay. The House was in an uproar. Marjorie Taylor Greene threw eggs at Pelosi while Lauren Bobert strode down the aisle with an AK in her arms and a bandolier. She later denied that what looked like a string of hand grenades was real. “It was just to make a point – that as a free, whi….., I mean as a free American I have a right to hold and carry arms.”

Outside the members of congress were greeted by loud and noisy protesters, who were promptly tear gassed. House member Madison Cawthorn got caught in a cloud of the gas and miraculously sprang from his wheel chair and sprinted down the street.

Two days after Trump took over the House, a charge of impeachment was laid against both Biden and Harris. The grounds were faking the 2020 elections “and everything else they’ve ever done while in office”. It was explained that since they were in office illegally, every single act of theirs as president and vice president was illegal. Gaetz was overheard in a private chat with Greene talking about what would happen when the Senate convicted both of them at once and Trump became president again and what positions in the new administration they could expect to be appointed to. Down in Florida, a young woman was mysteriously run over and killed in broad daylight. There was speculation that the young woman was none other than Gaetz’s ex girlfriend – the one who’d testified against him in his sex trafficking of minors trial.

The impeachment hearings in the House took all of four days. For the first time since pre-Civil War days actual fist fights broke out in the House. Gaetz assaulted Ilham Omar, sending her to the hospital with a broken nose. He then tried his luck on Antonia Ocasio Cortez, who had been walking over to help out her fellow Democrat. Ocasio Cortez, it turned out, had been training in self defense and kicked Gaetz on the groin and then finished him off by kneeing him in the face as he bent over. Some urged Gaetz to file criminal assault charges against Ocasio Cortez, but he never did so. Some said that he was too embarrassed at having been beaten up by a woman.

The impeachment charges reached the Senate by the middle of January. John Roberts held sway again and insisted that decorum must be observed, “just as it is in the Supreme Court at all times” he said. This was the same Supreme Court that had reversed Roe v Wade lock stock and barrel after all the Justices had sworn up and down that they would observe precedent. It had also been revealed that Clarence Thomas had been discussing cases and getting advice from his wife Ginni Thomas, but after a day or so of hullabaloo, nothing was done. “Privileged communication. Those were privileged communications,” said the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Marjorie Taylor Greene, when she was asked what she though of those conversations. After a series of criticisms of her in the media, the Wall St. Journal carried a column by Greene justifying her position.

Biden and Harris Convicted
Within a week of hearings in the Senate, both Biden and Harris were convicted by a strict party line vote with only Mitt Romney and Susan Collins breaking ranks. They abstained. The resulting 65 votes would have been inadequate but for the fact that two Democratic senators got tied up in an unexplained traffic jam. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell insisted in rushing ahead despite loud objections by the Democrats. This gave the Republicans a slim 2/3 majority.

Biden issued a statement that he regretted the decision, but that that we are a nation of laws, that nobody respected the Constitution more than he did, and that he would be stepping down. Harris stood at his side, nodding in agreement. Trump took office and appointed Mat Gaetz as his attorney general. After meeting with Trump, Gaetz issued orders for a criminal investigation into Biden, Harris, and any other persons who may have been involved in the 2020 election fraud.

Liz Shuler, president of the AFL-CIO issued the following statement: “We regret the removal of President Biden and Vice President Harris. In their time in office, labor and America’s working families have not had a better friend in the White House. As are all good Americans, we are concerned about the manner of their removal, just as we are about the attacks on the hallmark of our democracy – Americans’ right to freely choose who represents them. This is vital for working families and also it remains a beacon of freedom for the entire world. We also note with concern that the new administration has made some ambiguous comments about labor’s right to organize. However, we have been through many problems before and we will get through this one. With resolve and with a calm demeanor, we shall persevere.”

It was subsequently revealed that Shuler had bought a house in Portugal and was considering moving there.

After appointing Gaetz as attorney general, Trump appointed Marjorie Taylor Greene as Secretary of Education. Lauren Bobert was appointed to the combined posts of National Security Advisor and Secretary of Defense. Michael Flynn was appointed as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and he immediately proceeded to purge the military of its top ranking officers. He appointed convicted war criminal Eddie Gallagher as head of the navy and a host of former Blackwater guards, also accused of war crimes, into other top posts.

Within a week of Trump retaking office, it was rumored that he’d held several secret conversations with Putin. This was never confirmed. However, shortly later Putin sent his army into Georgia (again) and managed to seize the entire coast line of Ukraine all the way down to Odessa. Ukraine tried to resist, but they got no support whatsoever from the US or any other NATO nation. Putin vigorously denied that his forces had used sarin gas, claiming that this was just a false flag operation by the Ukrainian government, one in which they had killed hundreds – possibly thousands – of their own soldiers and civilians. The majority of the left in the US either defended that claim or at least said it had yet to be disproven.

The Proud Boys and similar groups marched through inner cities throughout the US. When they came under attack, the police rushed to their defense. It was subsequently claimed that fully 1/3 of police belonged to the Oath Keepers. The investigative reporter who made that claim subsequently jumped out of a sixth floor window in the building in which he lived and died. Some people wondered why it was that he jumped out of a sixth floor window while he lived on the first floor, and who was the mysterious resident in that sixth floor apartment.

Trump issues an executive order opening up all National Parks and Monuments for oil and gas exploration. This included the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks. Huge protests broke out throughout the world, including in Washington DC. Trump was hustled to his underground bunker.

Miraculously, at the same time Antarctica’s entire Ross Sea Ice Shelf broke off at the same time that a huge part of Greenland’s glacier did the same. This set off the largest tsunami ever. It moved with amazing speed across and up the Atlantic. Millions evacuated most major cities on the East Coast. However, the utter chaos in the Trump administration prevented it from acting promptly and a 100’ high tsunami swept up the coast, absolutely inundating Washington DC. Trump, Gaetz and their entire crowd were trapped their bunker and died a horrid death.

Shuler moved back from wherever she’d been hiding.

Mass celebrations broke out all over the world, with strangers hugging each other in the streets. Nine months later, the birth rate rose by 12%. 

Note: Although the general outlines of this scenario are possible, there are other possibilities also. It can’t be ruled out that the Republicans will have gone so far that they repulse a large sector of their traditional voters and actually suffer a net loss – at least in the senate – this fall. On the other hand, nobody knows how far they will succeed in going in suppressing the vote and in rejecting the outcome. So all sorts of scenarios are possible.

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  1. This is a possible scenario, not a fantasy, given the direction things are heading. I heard a report about the upcoming presidential elections in the Philippines, and how “Bongbong” Marcos, the son of Ferdinand and Imelda, leads the polls by 45% and will likely become the next president. How could this be happening? The same reasons why your nightmare described in the article is entirely feasible; “ “You have a succession of administrations which really came short of fulfilling the fundamental ideals and aspirations of the Filipino people, which was expressed in the 1986 revolution”. The Marcos family has never been held accountable or punished in any way for its many crimes. Imelda Marcos is free and remains free. VERY FAMILIAR as this is the path the US is on now with Trump and company, as you describe. “Bongbong” is supported widely by young people, who know nothing of the past and get all of their information via social media, which the Marcos family has used to great success. They see no alternative. In countries like the US, where it is still possible to build a democratic working class, anti capitalist movement without being jailed, kidnapped, tortured and murdered, the “left” mostly wants to make sure that Ukrainians understand that NATO and the US are very, very, very bad and that under no circumstances should those entities be giving them aid while their cities are being pounded, and people fleeing for their very lives. Sure, makes perfect sense.

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