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Zoom Meeting: Discussion on stopping Republican threat

If Trump Mark I whipped up bigotry and denialism beyond anything seen in recent decades, if he did all he could to suppress democratic rights and to open up the environment to even greater rape, pillage and plunder, if he went far further than has ever been expected towards one man despotism… this will be child’s play compared to Trump Mark II post 2024 if this comes about. That is true especially considering the means used to bring it about. The Democrats and their supporters (the labor leaders, the NGO’s, and those in the socialist movement who haven’t broken with them) focus entirely on legislation and lawsuits to stop them. The sectarian left pretends that nothing serious has changed. What’s needed is a broad, working class oriented socialist response, one which looks to how a movement in the streets similar to the movement of last summer can develop. This meeting will discuss this and work out a joint statement that can be circulated in the wider socialist movement and in the wider working class.

Here is a draft of such a statement:

Joint statement on Republican threat

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