Oaklandsocialist support for Iranian strikers distributed in Iran

A month ago, Oaklandsocialist carried a report of the strike of Haft Tapeh strikers in Iran. We also wrote the following letter of support:

“We send our comradely greetings to the Haft Tapeh strikers and to the entire working class of Iran and we congratulate those fellow workers for having won the freedom of Youseff Bahmani, Ebrahim Abassi, Mohammad Khanifar, Moslem Cheshm Khavar, strike leaders at Haft Tapeh. We also totally oppose the attacks on the Iranian people by Donald Trump. This includes his imposition of sanctions against Iran. We workers the world over have the same interests and the same enemies. Workers of all lands unite. We have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win.”
That letter was signed by numerous socialists and union members.”

We are happy to report that that letter was translated into Persian by the Worker-Communist Party Hekmatist and has been distributed inside Iran, including to those striking workers. This is a screen shot of the translation on the Hekmatist web site.

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