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“It’s a beautiful thing”: Interview with Minneapolis Activist

Kieran is a union member and a long-time activist in Minneapolis. Here he explains who it is who has been out in the streets, how the police and the politicians are reacting and the possible future of the movement. He also talks about the presence of some of the militia types and how this movement has the potential to split some of that far right movement. Overall, he concludes that this is an uprising of the poor and the dispossessed. “It’s a beautiful thing,” he concludes.

Oaklandsocialist comments: News is now coming out of the burning of a library in Minneapolis. Also the destruction of small family-owned businesses. We don’t know exactly who did it – whether that was provocateurs or not – but this sort of thing does not serve the movement nor the community. The capitalist class is using this to counter-attack. All sorts of confusions are inevitable in this period. First and foremost we have to blame the union leadership, which has spent the last 50 years repressing working class solidarity and all the best traditions of the labor movement. Is it any wonder that we see these confusions and mistakes?

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