Take letter to your Democratic representative

The impeachment issue is galvanizing US politics. Intimately involved in impeachment is the issue of Trump’s relationship with the right wing dictator, Vladimir Putin. For workers to really see the significance of this relationship, it’s necessary for them to see its basis, which is Trump’s long time role as a money launderer for the Russian mafia capitalist class, the same class that Putin is leading.

So far, the Democrats have refused to expose this issue. The reason is that money laundering for the drug cartels is rampant within the real estate industry, many of whose financiers are also donors to the Democrats. However, the impeachment hearings open the opportunity for us to help expose the deeper issue. So, here’s an idea:

Get a group of people – even just four or five would do – and take it to the office of a Democratic Representative of Senator near you. Ask to see the person in charge and in one way or another read this letter aloud while somebody videotapes the proceeding. Then post the video around on social media. Something similar could be done at the offices of local media – TV stations, newspapers, etc. Given how things are starting to crack, maybe this would actually gain some traction.

propose letter re money laundering

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