Carpenters Union leadership record a dismal failure

The New Your Carpenters Union leadership has sent out the following defense of its disastrous contract:

  • If this contract is so great, why didn’t they allow the rank and file carpenters, vote on it?
  • If it’s so great, why didn’t they tell the rank and file the terms before they voted on it?
  • If it’s so great, why aren’t THEY, the suits, taking the same cuts?
  • This contract once again violates our union constitution, which opposes grading of journeyprrsons. They say we have to violate our constitution and accept what amounts to a “B” rate for journeypersons in order to compete. WHO ARE WE COMPETING WITH?

They want us to compete with the nonunion carpenter for who can work cheapest. What is the purpose of having a union then? In reality, this is the never ending race to the bottom (but not for them).

Look around. Their strategy is a dismal failure. From Seattle to New York, every year the non union is increasing.

Instead we need a union that fights for a big pay increase for all, with no grading and no concessions. On this basis we can mobilize our members and use our fight to also organize the unorganized. Make ALL the contractors sign the standard union contract and wipe out the nonunion.

THAT is the alternative to the common ruin for all (except for the suits. )

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