“The Trojan Horse of Sudan Uprising”

The current Transitional Military Council (TMC) headed by Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, continues to act as the trojan horse of the ongoing heroic Sudanese uprising. Both in its composition and performance, it looks more a reflection and continuation of the ousted president Al-Bashir’s regime than an interim military leadership intended for a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional civilian government to be announced Sunday, April 21st.
In addition to its current composition, with at least four pro-al-Bashir Islamist generals, most recent appointments to the Prosecutor General Chamber, the Sudanese embassy in Qatar, as well as to other senior posts in the security and other bodies are clear indications of where the TMC is heading to.
So far, the National Congress (NC), the former ruling party, headed by the ousted al-Bashir remains intact and operational, while most of its top criminal leaders are at large. Instead of dissolving the numerous pro-ruling party police and paramilitary militias created by the NC for the sole purpose of defending Al-Bashir’s regime, including Ali Osman Taha’s so-called “Shadow Regiments” TCM has recently issued an order to integrate these militias into the Sudanese Armed Forces.
Similarly, no credible steps have been taken so far to arrest and bring to account those responsible for killing and using live ammunition against innocent protesters during the uprising. By the same token no mention whatsoever by the TMC of reforming or restructuring the most brutal National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).
The same applies to fighting against corruption. Greedy tycoons of the ruling Islamist kleptocracy or mafia remain at large and continue mobilizing against any democratic change. The so called “Fat Cats” are still fat and are freely moving around with impunity.
In the diplomatic sphere, Sudan continues to be represented mostly by the same diplomats loyal to al-Bashir and his party the National Congress.
In short, the TMC as it stands now, is nothing else than a second version of Al-Bashir’s regime, absent only of its top genocidal dictator.
NC members, originally the “National Islamic Front” have long believed in their endless monopoly of power. They openly assert that no transfer of power is ever possible as long as they live, that nobody would ever rule the country other than themselves.
In a very recent leak of al-Bashir’s final statement, he said in another apocalyptic misrepresentation of Islamic teachings, that according to Al-Maliky doctrine, the Islamic Khalifa -being al-Bashir himself in this case- is permitted to kill up to 75% percent of his people in case they disobey or revolt against him.
Though Al-Bashir has been removed from office, his ruling party still holds the strings and is hoping for a manipulative return to power or if necessary, by means of a distorted interpretation of Islam as their criminal religious ideology.
Against this gloom, the anticipated announcement of the Transitional Civilian government by the SPA in its media conference scheduled Sunday April 21st is expected to move Sudan towards the intended political change for freedom, peace, and democracy as the main goals of the ongoing uprising.
While TMC gives in to suspicious moves by some regional actors in an attempt to shape the destiny and future of Sudan in a way that matches with their own national and security interests -as has been the case over almost 30 years of al-Bashir’s rule- or even to maintain the current status quo, the Sudanese people, led by the SPA and alliances remain vigilant and dismissive of any foreign interference that threatens to undermine national independence, sovereignty or interests of the Sudanese people.
Fortunately, the peaceful transfer of power to a transitional civilian government as envisaged, enjoys unwavering support by the African Union, the European Union, the Troika, comprising the US, the UK and Norway, along with other individual countries such as the US, Australia and France.
Meanwhile, reinforcing the massive sit-in in front of and around the Army’s General Headquarters continues to serve as an indispensable pressure tool on TMC to ensure a civilian transfer of power.

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