The Maga Bomber, Stockholm Syndrome and Mass Schizophrenia

Van said to belong to Cesar Sayoc. There are rifle scope cross hairs on several liberal figures. This is advocating murder, but it is considered perfectly acceptable.

If you wanted to write a piece of fiction meant to show how many white workers are being driven criminally insane due to the crisis of capitalism and the failure of the union leadership, the Cesar Sayoc story would be it… except that it would be condemned as being too unsubtle. Not only is he a bigoted lunatic on steroids; he had also had his home illegally foreclosed by a bank partly owned by both Steve Mnuchin and George Soros!

The Washington Post seems to tell it all: They explain that Sayoc was a steroid using, would-be pro-wrestler “built like a freakin’ animal”, a committed racist who was estranged from his liberal mother. He had “puppets with their heads cut off, mannequins with their heads cut off, Ku Klux Klan, a black person being hung, anti-gay symbols, torchings, bombings you name it, it was all over his truck.”

Steve Mnuchin, being sworn in as Trump’s Treasurer.
His bank illegally foreclosed on Sayoc’s house, but Sayoc blames black people and “others”.

The Mnuchin Connection
But they don’t mention one detail: Sayoc also had had his home illegally foreclosed by a bank partly owned by the banker who became Trump’s treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin! According to The Intercept,
 in 2009, Sayoc’s home was foreclosed by OneWest bank, partly owned by Steve Mnuchin. “The documents used to enact the foreclosure were signed by a prominent robo-signer and seemingly backdated. Nonetheless, the evidence was good enough for the famously inattentive Florida foreclosure courts to wave the case through. Years later, Sayoc became a supporter of Trump, who came into office and appointed a treasury secretary who ran the bank that snatched Sayoc’s house.” George Soros was also an investor in that bank.

Kamela Harris and Pam Bondi cover it up
But wait, there’s more: OneWest, known as a “foreclosure mill” had been accused of similar misdeeds in California, but the then attorney general refused to prosecute. Who was the attorney general? Kamala Harris. In Florida, the law firm that handled the foreclosures was investigated by the state attorney general’s office. But then the investigation ended when the two attorneys leading the investigation were fired by the state attorney general Pam Bondi. Bondi is a “close friend of Trump”.

It’s highly unlikely that the dangerous lunatic Sayoc knew about the role of these individuals, and even if he did, it makes no difference as far as what he represents: a threat to all specially oppressed groups, including black people and gays, and a threat to all workers. Sayoc is just a most extreme example of the Stockholm Syndrome that is gripping tens of millions of US workers, mainly (but not exclusively) white males. Feeling weak and powerless, they pump themselves up, associate with their captor, and turn on those who seem to be even more vulnerable.

Psychological kidnappers
Who are the captors, the psychological kidnappers?

You have the lunatic conspiracy theorists like blogger and radio personality Laura Loomer, former “reporter” for the far right

Right wing conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer’s tweet. It received comments like “the government has unlimited resources (read: our tax dollars) to fabricate anything that suits their agenda” “absolutely incredible! The deep state is at the end of their rope.” “All placed at the same time, none have faded in florida sun… devices never intended to explode thus remaining evidence rich pointing to Sayoc. Follows 32 people on Twitter, but not Trump? Yet he is supposed to be a huge supporter…. it smells.”

website “The Rebel Media”. Writing in Trump-style all capitals, she has tweeted “FAKE BOMBS MADE TO SCARE AND PICK UP BLUE SYMPATHY VOTE”. Her tweet was given a like by Donald Trump jr. Fox “News” also called the bombs a “false flag”.

And then we have the Psychological-Kidnapper-in-Chief, Donald Trump. He engages in the same conspiracy theory nonsense that much of the left engages in regarding the “deep state” and the mainstream media. (There is no such thing as a “deep state”; there is only the capitalist state in all its various aspects.)

Add to this his calling up of stereotype images (MS13, Islamic terrorists) and his calls to violence. (“I’d like to punch him in the face,” or calling a Republican candidate who assaulted a reporter “my kind of guy”.) And you get an extremely volatile brew.

This event puts Trump in a bind. Notice that he had to read from his teleprompter when he issued his statement on the arrest. That’s always a sign that the real Trump is lurking in the shadows, waiting to come out. In his statement, he referred to this “terrorizing” event. He couldn’t call it a “terrorist” event even then. That term is reserved for Muslim fundamentalists.

Donald Trump jr. gave a “like” to this tweet.

Sayoc is but an extreme example of an even more dangerous tendency that is developing: In psychological terms, it could be called paranoid schizophrenia. Lack of contact with reality and a tendency to lash out violently. The flame is being fanned by Trump’s Republican Party. Mitch McConnell, for example warned that the Democrats represent “mob rule”, when it is Trump and the mob he controls and manipulates who represent exactly that. And Trump, himself, says that if the Democrats take control of congress they will act “violently”. He also associates them with antifa.

A paranoid schizophrenic is out of touch with reality and starts out with the belief that everybody is out to get them. They can be dangerous because they can lash out at anybody and everybody. That is what is developing among the Trumpized millions.

Meanwhile, thousands of workers – mainly women/people of color – are on strike at a few Marriott Hotels across America. Where are the labor leaders, making a clamor, building mass pickets, fighting for a real living wage (minimum $25/hour) and shutting down the major cities over this? Cesar Sayoc represents the alternative to that militant class struggle.

Top: Marriott Hotel Strikers.
Bottom: Accused MAGA bomber, Cesar Sayoc.
What Sayoc represents is only the tip of the iceberg. It represents the dangerous confusion and tendency to attack those who are seen as being in a weaker position rather than attacking the real culprits – the capitalist class and their representatives.

Update: We have just received the news of the shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh in which eleven Jews have been killed. The man arrested for this crime has reportedly posted violent anti-Semitic comments on a social media site. This is another example of the same violent tendency that is developing in the US.

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