“Whoppers of Boss Tweet”

Whoppers of Boss Tweet
by Raymond Nat Turner

 Whoppers of Boss Tweet…
A thief
a thug
Clown in a rug
A tweet
A lie
a cheat— Embellish, embroider: a lying disorder…
A myth
a fable
a bit unstable Flimflam, claptrap bunkum—bull crap! An empty wagon
a puffed up dragon…
A whopper
a fib
You peeped from your crib! A sham
a fake
a major ‘mistake—’ Pathological lying false-flag flying…
A grope
a trope
Bad jokes breaststrokes
A grope of the crotch— another ‘man notch’ where they debauch over water and scotch…
A trumped up story— cock-and-bull glory A foot in the mouth for strategy south
Pie in the sky—
a barefaced lie
A pig in disguise fooling some eyes… Playing fast and loose with Jim Jones Juice A masquerade—
a Nazi parade
A fake ‘great nation’ same plantation
A bug in the hall a fly on the wall A great big whale an ongoing tale A parade in July another big lie A wink of an eye— enough outcry?
A thief
a thug Clown in a rug A tweet deceit
A lie
a cheat— Time for feet in the street Sustaining… …street heat!!
Poet’s note: Inspired by the great Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Waters of March”
Raymond Nat Turner © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Reprinted with permission of author

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