Women’s March, Oakland, 2018

Tens of thousands of people marched in Oakland to protest Trump’s first year in office and to support women’s rights and the rights of all people. In addition to signs for women’s rights, and against Trump, the prevalent attitude was to get the Democrats back in. Also, despite the majority people of color of Oakland residents, the march was predominantly white. However, something seems to be in the air. A new movement seems to be struggling to be born. Here’s a video of yesterday’s march.


Here’s some additional photos

A lot of signs for women’s rights.


Some just expressed disgust with Trump.

The unions also had a presence. (It would be nice if they were present for Black Lives Matter type protests also!)

There were a lot of signs expressing the view that voting (implicitly for Democrats) is a way forward.

Of course, this sentiment was encouraged by the liberal Democrats.


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