Minimum wage campaign

“If the working class is the class that works, what do the other classes do?”

15 Now Tacoma is making waves.

Just last week, the Tacoma Business Examiner – organ of the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce – reported on  a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in that city to discuss the threat of 15 Now Tacoma. They quoted all the usual sob stories about small businesses that say they can’t afford to pay a $15/hour minimum wage. (How about those that would exist if the minimum wage were lowered to $2.50? So should we lower it that far in order to give them a helping hand?)

But it’s clear what’s really scaring the large businesses just as much as paying a wage increase and, therefore, taking a small hit to their profits: That is how the radical 15 Now Tacoma will stir up the pot and help bring to the fore all the repressed anger that millions of workers are feeling. They showed this video below of a 15 Now Tacoma rally.

They actually showed this at their own meeting — and then they went on to advocate that the mayor of Tacoma start to take steps to raise the minimum wage!

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