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Israel: What goes around comes around

Here is an interesting story from the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz about the mistreatment of a sick elderly Jewish man in an Israeli hospital. (Note: You will have to register with Ha’aretz to read the full article, but it doesn’t cost anything.) It’s much too long, but worth reading the first part, which reveals the gross inhumanity (and corruption) that apparently pervades every part of Israeli society. For instance, here’s the writer’s description of what happened after her father died in the hospital:

“After that point, no nurse or doctor talked with us, offered an explanation of what had happened, or did what ordinary human beings do in such situations: show compassion for loss. The only person who spoke to us was the cleaning person who had responsibility for putting the room in order. In a matter of a few minutes, we had entered the realm of an unknown distress for which we had no preparation, no known recipe, no prewritten script.”

Of course, what do you expect of a society that is based on racism, brutality, mass murder and theft? As they say, what goes around comes around.

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