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War criminal Netanyahu pounding his message home before US congress

War criminal Netanyahu pounding his message home before US congress

Here are some excerpts from a Financial Times article on the fallout from Netanyahu’s speech to congress – one arranged on a “partisan” Republican basis:

“Ten Democratic senators with generally hawkish views on Iran said on Wednesday that they would vote against an Iran bill that some of them helped author because they objected to the tactics of the Republican leadership that is trying to fast-track the legislation.”’

“Robert Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat who is one of the members of Congress most sceptical about the talks with Iran, said he was “outraged” by the manoeuvre, however. “I must ask the majority leader [Mr McConnell] what happened? Where’s the bipartisanship part?” asked Mr Menendez. “We are back to politics as usual.”

“Although he is one of the authors of the bill, Mr Menendez said he would vote against allowing the legislation to proceed. With the Iran nuclear talks expected to continue until a June deadline, he said there was plenty of time for committees to examine the bill.

Along with eight other Democrats and the independent Angus King who usually votes with the Democrats, the New Jersey senator later sent a letter to Mr McConnell, accusing him of trying “to score partisan political points” on a day that should have been defined by “serious discourse about Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons programme”. The 10 senators had all previously said they would support the bill.”

This is the first time that there has been a Republican/Democratic split over the issue of Israel. They will do everything they can to heal this breech, and maybe they will succeed, but maybe they won’t. After all, what lies behind this is the ever-weakening position of US capitalism in that region, as exemplified by the increased influence of Iran and the rise of the Islamic State. In such a situation, splits at the top inevitably appear. And such splits inevitably lead to increased debate from below.

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