“It’s building. It’s a revolution”: Voice from Ferguson

Three youth in Ferguson capture it all…

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This is the web site of the Oakland/East Bay Socialist Group. We are a small group of workers, youth and retirees in the Oakland/East Bay area and are affiliated with the Workers International Network (WIN). WIN is just that - an international network that doesn't pretend to be more than it is. We believe that socialists must participate in the struggles of workers around the world, and that an essential part of that struggle is discussing and learning from our experiences. Contact us at Oaklandsocialist@gmail.com.
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2 Responses to “It’s building. It’s a revolution”: Voice from Ferguson

  1. windyriver says:

    Very Inspiring

  2. Patrick Burns says:

    Amazing, John. If any of the L. 30 carpenters are following your blog, I think they will be inspired. I don’t like name calling, but the only “animals” in Ferguson are those in uniform carrying out these atrocities.

    If I get to speak at the Nestora rally on Thursday, here in Seattle, I will point out Nestora’s small community police force–the community policing itself is the only common sense way to keep communities secure. Anyone who does not know who Nestora Salgado is should to http://www.freenestora.org.

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