Ferguson erupts

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After unarmed, 18 year-old Michael Brown was gunned down by the Ferguson police, the town (just outside of St. Louis, Missouri) erupted. The government responded with even more repression, as these pictures show.

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This is a new day, though, and the world is united as never before. As this story reports, people in Ferguson were getting tweets from people in Gaza. A new day is dawning.

  • More repression? Check!
  • More poverty? Check!
  • More racism and communalism? Check!
  • But also more international unity than ever before!

The struggle of working class people is growing around the world. And right before out eyes, under our very noses, working class internationalism is starting to develop and a mass, working class international is struggling to be born.

*Note: Oakland Socialist and the Workers International Network urges workers and youth to send messages of solidarity to the people of Ferguson. We will help ensure that any sent to us will be received in Ferguson.

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  1. 1. You don’t really see a connection between what happened to Michael Brown and the terrorist, Hamas organization and how they use women and children as shields and then cry about the loss of life (but not of their leaders who are relaxing in five star hotels in Qatar).

    2. Advise your sign makers in FERGUSON to learn how to spell the name of the community they’re in before they flash their sign on national TV.

    3. I come from a very radical family, so don’t prejudge me. I’m simply commenting on the obvious.

    • Oh, no, we don’t prejudge you; we just judge you based on what you write.

      “terrorist Hamas organization?” We never supported Hamas, which is more than the State of Israel can say, but you want to talk about terrorism and using human shields? There is one photo after another of Israeli soldiers using Palestinian kids for this, tied up at their feet, on the hood of their jeeps, etc. Of course, let’s not consider the decades of land and water theft or the creeping ethnic cleansing by the state of Israel. Let’s not consider the massive growth of outright racism within Israel today, such as the fact that a poll showed that 32% of Israeli Jews support physical assaults on African asylum seekers in Israel. If you are simply ignorant, rather than consciously dishonest, you might learn something from looking at the Facebook page of the Israeli David Sheen.

      Why do you focus on misspelling if not to flaunt your great education? Yes, you may be educated in spelling, but at best you are totally ignorant in the ways of the world. Which matters more?

      As for the alleged radical family you claim to come from – decent people the world over couldn’t care less. There was a time, for instance, when Jewish people the world over led the world in the struggle for the oppressed. Now so many of them do the opposite while they side with the racist, terrorist state of Israel – one of the few states that sided with apartheid South Africa until the end, a state that supports the racist, communalist Shiv Sena in India, etc. You have obviously learned nothing from the alleged radical past of your alleged radical family.

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