Michael Dunn Trial… The past isn’t past.


Michael Dunn – a respectable murderer

Back in the bad old days, white people could kill blacks with complete impunity, especially in the South. Have things really changed?

In November of 2012, 47 year-old Michael Dunn (white) got into a dispute with a group of black teen agers in a gas station in Florida. They were in separate cars and Dunn went over to their care and told them to turn down their music. He then returned to his car, got a gun out of his glove compartment, and fired some 20 shots into the car of the black teen agers, killing 17 year old Jordan Davis. Following that, Dunn drove off (fled the scene) and went to a motel with his girl friend where they shared pizza and beer.

During the trial, Dunn claimed that he feared he was threatened by the teens and claimed that he thought one of them was about to pull a gun on him. (There was no gun in the teens’ car.) He claimed he’d said as much to his girl friend, who was in his car, but she denied that in her testimony in the court.

Dunn was found guilty of second degree attempted murder, but there was a hung jury (couldn’t decide) on the main charge of first degree murder.

At least something has changed, in that 75 years ago, Dunn probably wouldn’t even have been brought to trial, but how much has changed really?

Watch the commentary below. According to these legal experts, the prosecution basically blew it. Because the defense brought in character witnesses, this gave the prosecution the ability to raise the evidence of Dunn’s racism as well as the view of some that he was very aggressive in general. They didn’t bring that in. But even without that, it is pretty clear that Dunn is outright lying. If the situation had been reversed, if the shooter had been black and the victim white, there is no doubt whatsoever that he would have been convicted on all counts. (It is also significant that the media has been pretty silent about this case. They want to cover up for the racism of the system.)



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