Sentenced to Death in Prison at Age 14

In 1944, the state of South Carolina murdered 14 year-old George Stinney – the youngest person ever to be executed in the United States. That was part and parcel of the famous “Southern way of life” as Southern patriots and confederate flag wavers loved to call it. (They probably still do.)


George Stinney

The revolt of black people of the 1960s made such barbarisms impossible. Instead, they now have the slow death of life in prison without the possibility of parole – death in prison, in other words – and are trying children as young as 13 as adults and so sentencing them at times. Incidentally, 70% of the children sentenced to death in prison are people of color.

Oh, yes, we are the “greatest nation on Earth” and “god bless America” over all others. Meanwhile, most of these flag wavers sanction this barbarism, if only by their silence. And the responsibility goes all the way to the top. The same holds for those who are sanctioning the slow death of the California hunger strikers who are protesting the psychological torture of long term solitary confinement and other cruel and unusual practices — oh, except that they may be cruel but unfortunately they are not so unusual.

Here is a video that documents the sentences of death in prison for children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0gTJgwpcs_Y

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