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Oppose Massacre in Egypt


Cairo’s Rabaa Square, where pro-Morsi demonstrators massed

We have been getting direct reports on the Egyptian military’s assault on pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters.

Early on, there were reports of tens of thousands if not more massing in different neighborhoods in Cairo. Here is what one person wrote: *Ok so the people in It7adia are not alot They reach from the palace till nafa2 salah salem. But they extend inside roxy and in 5alifa maamoun. Rabaa has people all over tyaran street, nasr, 3abas el 3akad, and medan el sa3a ( i of these specific locations cuz i took tayaran street to go to rabaa then i went through the back to go home and there were people reaching all the way to medan el sa3a. 

Tahrir is filled with pro coup.. and then you have the goverorates …

Honestly I can split it 50-50 … but there is a clear difference in class make up … rabaa (Note: this is the pro-Morsi crowd) is mostly poor people .. it7adia are mostly upper class… I know whn thy protest my building gets an over load of mercedes parked there and thy are all wearing prices branded clothing*

On some streets, the masses were supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, on others the military. One sign, however, read: ‘Among the signs being lifted in Cairo’s demonstrations today this one: “down with the military Fascists Down with religion fascists” this i think is the more sensible approach in Egypt today. rather than supporting one side to oppress the other hence “feel democracy?”‘


“Down with military fascists Down with religious fascists”

Twelve hours ago from Cairo, this short message: “A massacre is now taking place against the peaceful demonstrators in rabaa sq at the hands of the ministry of interior
please share.” 

We may have 75 killed and 1000 injured. According to twitter, the army is still killing people!! 

This web site has always opposed the Muslim Brotherhood. However, this assault on pro-Morsi protesters  will later be used against others, including those fighting for union rights, for better pay, for women’s rights. It is simply the reintroduction of Mubarack’s methods under a new banner.

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