“We believe that we will win”


I was birthed on a demo line…Okay, not quite, but close. Born in Oakland to a carpenter/union organizer turned full-time socialist and a teacher/community other-mother, at the tail end of the Black Power era, protesting was my birthright.  And while I resisted for a moment, succumbing the materialism of the late 80s and early 90s, I never strayed too far from my activist roots, recommitting myself to the struggle as a radical student organizer at Howard.  I claimed my place as a freedom fighter with causes ranging from exposing the CIA-crack cocaine conspiracy, to ending the war in Iraq; one thing remained constant…I was among the youngest of the activists.  Even now, as the mother of three, fine lines and silver strands forcing me to admit that I am not actually 29, I have been seen by most as the future, a young organizer…that is, until George Zimmerman, the “creepy ass cracka” vigilante, ruthlessly murdered sweet-faced, 17 year-old, scholar-athlete Trayvon Martin and got away with it.  And when I say got away with it, I mean [Governor] Scott-free, murderous weapon returned to him, all smiles and handshakes, even glorified by some factions of the unenlightened.

Somehow, on July 13th when the verdict came down, organizing was transformed.  As we shook ourselves from our paralysis and poured out of our homes, flooding Leimert Park, overflowing down Crenshaw, searching desperately for answers and solutions, the shape of the movement shifted.  For the first time, I was no longer a youngster, although the elders were present.  As I linked arms with my sister comrades, we took our place as the Mama Brigade…

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