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Statements from SyriaFreedomForever

Here are two statements from a revolutionary group in Syria called Syriafreedomforever. We do not know anything about this group other than what is revealed through their statements. We think it is enormously significant that while totally opposing Assad, they also condemn all those forces that support NATO and US involvement. (NOTE: English follows the Arabic.)

General Statement:


We hereby declare that:

The recent attempt to expand membership in the SC is no more than a feeble attempt to add persons and groups that have no real impact on the revolution, and we reject this attempt.

Any new SC members must represent our revolutionaries politically, and empower them by participating fully in the SC’s decision-making process. Our political representation should occupy no fewer than 50% of the seats in the SC and its leadership bureaus.

The revolutionary forces that have signed this statement will no longer bestow legitimacy upon any political body that subverts the revolution or fails to take into account the sacrifices of the Syrian people or adequately represent them.

We consider this statement to be a final warning to the SC, for the Syrian people have spoken.

Long live Free Syria, in dignity, for all its loyal citizens.

Damascus, May 28, 2013


Syrian Revolution General Commission

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

Syrian Revolution Coordinators’ Union

Supreme Council for the Leadership of the Syrian Revolution

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