Exxon to planet: It’s not our problem.

The following is the partial text of a leaflet on the need for an ecosocialist movement. For the full leaflet, click on link. Feel free to print and distribute! Exxon to planet 3

“We will adapt to (global climate disruption). Changes to weather patterns that move crop production areas around — we’ll adapt to it.” Rex Tillerson, CEO, Exxon Corp.

The photo on this page is from a special edition of Time magazine in 2006. They and their corporate sponsors might be “worried”, but they’re still proceeding to destroy our planet.

  • They are expanding their release of greenhouse gasses while they plan to build more oil pipelines.
  • They have completely dominated the two political parties to prevent any meaningful steps to stop environmental destruction!
  • They control all the bodies that are supposed to regulate them, such as the California State Department of Conservation and the EPA.


    Obama and the Democrats – corporate representatives all
    – are part of the problem, not part of the solution. That’s why he has stocked his administration with representatives of CitiGroup (Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary), Hilton Corp. (Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary) oil, coal and nuclear (Ernie Moniz as Energy Secretary) and Monsanto (Michael Taylor at the FDA, Roger Beachy, Tom Vilsack and Ramona Rombero at the USDA, John Siddiqui as Agricultural Trade Representative).

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