slideshow/video – The New Apartheid: the rise of Zionism and the founding of the State of Israel, part 1

I’m making my pamphlet, The New Apartheid: The rise of Zionism and the founding of the state of Israelinto a slideshow. Here’s part one:

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  1. Nice article, John. Good info on right-wing Zionism — Jabotinsky, Irgun, the Stern Gang, etc. Good background on Zionism’s ties to imperialism and the role Stalin played in the founding of Israel. Just one point: the way you write it makes it sound like everything was negative about the communist movement after the Russian Civil War. But the communist movement enjoyed the support of workers around the world for years, and the Communist International helped guide the establishment of new Communist Parties in many countries. As the postwar revolutionary wave subsided, the CI didn’t just collapse, but adjusted and developed united front tactics to deal with the situation. In Mideastern countries like Egypt, Iraq and Syria, a large proportion of the new CP’s members were Jewish workers who weren’t interested in Zionism. They remained active in the CP in their home countries until the 1948 Nakba, after which Jews were expelled from many Arab countries.

    • Carl Peters ignores the truly disgraceful record of Stalinism. Don’t forget the Stalin and the parties around the world that he controlled supported the Zionists in their war for “independence” after WW II. And everywhere they went, they did their level best to ensure any rebellion against imperialist oppression never featured an independent role for the working class.

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