Who is Roy Singham? What does his web consist of?


Multi millionaire capitalist “Roy” Singham with his wife, Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans

The role of multi-millionaire capitalist Neville “Roy” Singham in financing much of the “left” has been publicized by the recent article on him in the NY Times. However, that article is by no means the first time that he attracted attention. Here are some links that further detail his financing as well as showing his ten years long role in South Africa.

Where Singham’s money goes

The anti-fascist group “Fashbusters” actually did the original expose of Singham’s financing of the “left”, back in 2021. Clearly, we are talking about big bucks here.

This is the New York Times article which drew more public attention to Singham.

This is the 2020 tax filing for the People’s Support Foundation (PSF). It shows net assets of $158.4 million. That is a lot of money for a non-profit. While the tax filings don’t show the source of the money, we know that this foundation is connected to Singham. Note that Jodie Evans of Code Pink, who is also married to Singham, is the president and director of this foundation. PSF also made donations ranging from $10,000 to $600,000 to the People’s Welfare Association totaling over several million dollars.

The Daily Beast outlines the constellation around Breakthrough News, International People’s Media Network (which targets the US, Latin America, India, the Middle East and parts of Africa), Vijay Prashad’s Tricontinental, and others. All funded in whole or in part by Singham.


Singham in South Africa

Singham started playing a role in South African left and labor politics about ten years ago – specifically in the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa (NUMSA). Here, a letter from some militants of that union denounces his corrupting influence in that union.

In this interview, long time South African socialist Trevor Ngwane describes how Singham destroyed a budding workers party in South Africa, the “Workers Revolutionary Socialist Party”

This is an interview with South African journalist Micah Reddy, who is on staff for Amabhungane. In it, Reddy gives more information on Singham’s role in South Africa.

Who killed New Frame?
Singham had founded a South African online journal called New Frame. It was very well financed, with staff being well paid by South African standards. Then, without warning, New Frame was shut down. Here, the journal Amabhungane gives the history.

Singham withdraws funding from New Frame after some staff start questioning why no coverage of oppression of Uighurs and of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Singham and Code Pink in Iran, China and Africa

For years, Code Pink ran tours of Iran that were coordinated with that misogynist, homophobic, corrupt and repressive regime. Here is an open letter criticizing those tours. 

Medea Benjamin reported back on one of those tours in 2019. Note that she is generally defensive of that regime. Also note that Sonali Kolhatkar never challenged Medea Benjamin on this. She, too, is an enabler of the Putinized “left”.

In this article, a Code Pink representative replied to the criticism of their Iran tour. A response to that is also included.


For years, Code Pink ran tours of Iran that were organized in conjunction with that reactionary regime. Now, they are promoting a similar tour of China.


The International People’s Assembly supports the recent coup in Niger. While French and US imperialism has long played a role in Niger, there also appears to be connections between the coup leaders and Moscow, as Bill Weinberg shows.  

Code Pink is part of this coalition, as is NUMSA, which is also heavily influenced by Singham. Interestingly, however, Code Pink has been removed from this page.

Singham denies genocide against the Uighurs

In January of 2022, antifascist Alexander Reid Ross co-authored this article on Singham’s role in denying the fact of Chinese genocide against the Uighur minority, which has a long history of repression in China. The article also gives background on Singham, including a diagram that shows his connections, connections with new-nazis like Manuel Ochsenreiter, and more.


Biographical sketch

Wikipedia gives a biographical sketch of Singham, including his having founded “Thoughtworks” after having been a “strategic consultant” for Huawei. In 2017, Singham sold Thoughtworks for $785 million.

Some general historical background

The money flowing from Singham and others of course plays a role. But for Singham’s pro-Russian and pro-Chinese imperialist propaganda to really grow, there must be fertile soil. This article, which was a presentation before the Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign, explains the historic roots that made the left in the US so vulnerable to the corrupting influence of Singham and others.

Singham with his wife, Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans

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