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Upcoming Forum/discussion on Uprising in Iran

The uprising in Iran is inspiring millions around the world.    On Sunday, Dec. 4, the Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign will host Iranian American socialist feminist, writer and translator,  Frieda Afary to lead a discussion on the Iranian uprising   She will discuss:

  • What led up to the present  uprising?
  • What is the role of women in the uprising ?
  • What is the situation for national minorities such as  the Iranian Kurds, Arabs and Baluchis?
  • What is the role of the Iranian labor unions and the working class in general.  
  • What is the role of the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard  Corps” in promoting state repression and military intervention in the region and in Ukraine? 
  • Can the Iranian uprising overthrow the ruling regime and if so, what might follow?
  • How can feminist , anti-racist, labor and  socialist activists around the world help the Iranian uprising and each other’s struggles?

Frieda Afary

Born in Iran and living in the United States for many years, Frieda Afary is a librarian, translator and author of the new book,  Socialist Feminism:  A New Approach (Pluto Press, 2022).   She is also the producer of “Iranian Progressives in Translation” which has been reflecting the voices of Iranian feminist,  labor and anti-racist activists and writers inside and outside  Iran, offering analyses and promoting international solidarity for the past thirteen years.  Her presentation will be followed by questions and a full and open discussion.

Meeting starts at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Coast time. Check your time zone for the time difference.

Register for this meeting here

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