Message to those who voted for the Oaklandsocialist for mayor

Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page for my mayorial campaign:

Election results and the potential:
Friends, as of now I got 521 votes in the first round, meaning that so far that number of people voted for my message as the #1 choice. In the second round there were 543 for my message and in the third round there were 578. Update: Final vote count was 1276 first place votes and 1378 votes in total for the working class socialist message! Keep this in mind: I spent about $50 on the campaign and the only campaigning I did was through Facebook, at the forums, and a very little bit of leafletting.
Consider this:
My main message was that I am not the “vote-for-me-and-I’ll set-you-free candidate.” In other words, what is needed is a grassroots and working class movement from below, one that is headed towards building a working class party. That was not election rhetoric; it was deadly serious. Think about that first number – 521 people. If half those voters were serious, if they are willing to put their feet where their ballots are, then we have the start of a real movement that can transform Oakland politics… and well beyond that.
So, I urge you to think about it.
The situation we face is dire, whether the Republicans gain control over congress or not. Are you willing to do more than vote for my message? I hope so. If you are, then please contact me, either in direct reply to this note or send me a personal message. If even a few people reply, then we can discuss where we go from her

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