Important Indian Socialist to Speak at Zoom Meeting

This will be a very important meeting. I urge all workers to attend and to publicize widely:

The Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign is extremely proud to announce that well known Indian socialist and fighter for women’s rights and against oppression of Muslims in India, Kavita Krishnan, will be our features speaker at our meeting on Sunday, Oct. 23. At 7:30 a.m. Pacific Coast Time. See below for details.

Kavita will speak on how the socialist left is dealing with the situation in India and internationally and her vision for a way forward for the socialist movement around the world. Her comments will be followed by questions and a full discussion.
Kavita Krishnan’s background
Kavita was a prominent student activist and a campaigner against rape of women in India. She was a long time member of the Communist Party of India – Marxist Leninist (CIP-ML) and a former member of that Party’s Politbureau and Central Committee. In September, she courageously announced her opposition to the policies of the party regarding China, Russia, the Ukraine war, and regarding democracy in general.
“If any Indian communist thinks it’s ok for ‘communists’ to rule like this, then they should ask themselves what kind of democracy they’re fighting for in India,” she had remarked. “China’s backing of the Myanmar regime which persecutes Rohingyas and its own Islamophobic policies on Uyghur Muslims needs to be condemned in no uncertain terms,” she also said. “I am a revolutionary Marxist to the core,” she declared In an article in Thewire.In
Regarding Ukraine, she has tweeted: “Putin is bombing Ukraine – and no doubt like any other imperialist warmonger he will claim he’s doing it to liberate Donbas from Ukraine. He’s doing this to further his agenda of Greater Russian chauvinism”
Meeting Sunday, Oct. 23
7:30 a.m. Pacific Coast time; 10:30 a.m. East Coast Time; 8:30 p.m. New Delhi
Check for time in your time zone
Register at this link:

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