Video: Afghanistan protest opposes both Taliban & US

Here is the third protest of the last week by Afghani Americans in the SF Bay Area. As with the other two, this protest was demanding the US allow Afghan refugees come to the US. (Continued below…)

There was also unanimous opposition to the Taliban. This is important because some on the left here in the US think the Taliban are popularly seen in Afghanistan as some sort of freedom fighters. That view is expressed in an article  on the web site “annebonnypirate” that is making the rounds on the left. The article claims theTaliban have won because they have more popular support…. No guerrilla insurgency on earth can win such victories without popular support.” Those who are impressed with this argument ignore the fact that it openly admits that “we assert more than we prove.” (“Annebonnypirate” ignores the importance of the Taliban having a safe haven in Pakistan.)

In this video, several hundred Afghan-Americans show unwavering hostility to the Taliban. But unlike refugees from Cuba, these refugees and their children show no support for US imperialism. That is not the basis of their hostility to the Taliban. They simply see the Taliban for what they are – a murderous bunch of reactionary thugs. And they don’t like US imperialism any better. Given that, there is no reason to think that their views are so very much different from those of the people in Afghanistan.

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