Video: Afghanistan Protest in Oakland

Consider what this young woman – the MC – is saying: “Even though we are immigrants, we are kind of settlers, we are not invited here by the indigenous people…. There’s a specific reason we chose Oakland for this event today, because most of the people who reside in this city are victims of US imperialism, both domestic and foreign. The military does come down to the police….. Our struggle is very much aligned with all of the black and brown communities…. [Referring to both Ghani and Biden/Trump] When has your president ever represented you?…. At the end of the day we know that the Taliban and the American backed Afghan government are two sides of one coin….”

These protesters would be utterly repulsed by any hint of the idea that the Taliban are in any way some sort of anti-imperialist freedom fighters. And they would be right to be repulsed by that idea.

Also see our video of the Afghanistan protest in Fremont the day before. Some different information, but equally important.



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