Message to Trump Supporters, Science Deniers, Second Amendment’ers and Conspiracy Theorists

To all those Trump supporters, science denying anti-vaxxers, Second Amendment fanatics and conspiracy theorists who claim to love freedom: When have you ever walked on a picket line? When have you ever shown the slightest concern when a black person was gunned down by the police? That includes cases such as that of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old black kid who was playing with a toy gun in the park. The police rolled up on him and shot and killed him within 3 seconds of arriving. And that was in an open-carry state. You claim to be so concerned for the right to bear arms, but as the case of Tamir Rice shows, you don’t give a damn when that right doesn’t apply to black people. When have you ever shown the slightest concern for those who fight for freedom around the world?

Keep in mind that the first freedom of all is freedom from want. So, when have you shown any concern for the struggles of oil workers in Iran today, or of the people of Myanmar. (In fact, do you even know where Myanmar is?) When have you ever stood up to the boss on the job, not only for yourself (which in my experience you type don’t even do that) but for other workers?

You talk about “follow the money” and “do your own research” when it comes to vaccines, but have you ever followed the money when it comes to all this talk about “freedom”? Do you know where it comes from? It comes from those millionaires who want the freedom to loot, plunder and pollute the planet. yes, the same ones who want the freedom to avoid paying any taxes.

You tend to be the same ones who deny the fact of global climate change. Why don’t you “follow the money” there? We see that back decades ago the oil industry knew that their products were causing global warming. Their own scientists were telling them this in secret memos. you know what happened? The oil companies launched a campaign to deny that. And now, you have been hooked on their lies.

If it weren’t that you people are destroying the unions and workers rights and interests here and everywhere else – and facilitating the destruction of the planet – you would really make me laugh.

Note: I continue to see Facebook comments from these types on a Facebook group for construction workers. I posted the following message to them. Not a single one of them replied. Coincidentally, on a carpenters Facebook group which is rife with these types, these members are facing a new, and very predictably substandard contract being pushed by their leadership. There are complaints aplenty about the contract. I have continually urged these members to organize to defeat the contract and to change the union. Many people say they agree, but not a single one has tried to do so. My message to them:

“I have said all along that if you don’t organize, including developing a strategy for winning something better, then it is inevitable that those who are organized – the union bureaucracy – will get their way. It is impossible to organize purely on social media. In the absence of organizing in the real world, all complaints on Facebook are just whining.”

Protester in Ferguson, MO, 2014.

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