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WIN Zoom meeting this Sunday: perspectives for USA



A Workers’ International Network meeting

introduced by

John Reimann (Oakland Socialist)


Tia Kurtisnger-Edison (Kentucky Alliance)

The USA has entered a period of turmoil and instability.
  • What lies behind the downfall of the Trump presidency? Was January’s storming of the Capitol building “Trumpism’s” last gasp? What are the prospects for a Republican resurgence?
  • The new Democratic administration has launched a massive economic rescue package. What are the prospects for economic recovery?
  • What is the future of the Black Lives Matter movement? What role can the labour movement play? How can a mass party of working people come into existence in the USA?
Sunday 14th March at 5 pm GMT
Please double-check your local timing due to seasonal variations in some countries to adjust for summer time.  
5 pm London time (GMT)
10 am Pacific Daylight Time
Contact oaklandsocialist for Zoom details. write oaklandsocialist@gmail.com

Protester in Ferguson, MO, 2014.

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