A “Revolting” Christmas Poem

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the hood,
A man was walking who meant no good.

He was posting a note on many a door,
Telling the folks they would live there no more.

Behind on their house note or behind on the rent,
Out onto the streets was where they’d be sent.


Kids with a mom or an old man alone,
Out onto the streets they’d be put from their home.

A mood of depression, a mood of fear
Pervaded the hood on Christmas that year.
And a cold wind was blowing throughout those homes
Chilling man, woman and child right down to their bones.

Then from who-knows-where, a vision appeared
An ancient myth of a man with a full faced beard.

A smile on his face and in his eyes a twinkle,
To Christmas season that year he would bring a new wrinkle.

Was it clothes and play stations he’d leave under the trees?
No! It was a message: “Get up off your knees!

“Think of Jeff Bezos, think of Zuckerberg and the Mar a Lago piece of shit
“Think of the money they have while you take the hit.

“It was you who created their wealth with your hours spent working
“While they show you their ass as if they were twerking.”

Then the people arose from their desperate depression
They went to the food stores for a new “shopping” session.

They took the food they needed and paid nary a cent
They went home and tore up the notice of unpaid rent.

As 2020 passed and in came the new year
The sense of weakness was gone, and likewise the fear.

In it’s place stood revolt; in its place stood a fight
For a new and better world that is ours by right.

And who was that mysterious bearded old man?
Whose spirit had descended all through the land?

What were his ideas and how did they arise?
Are they from some savior, all knowing and wise?
Or are they from workers and what we’ve seen with our own two eyes?

Those ideas long buried were not heaven sent,
No! they revived along with hunger and unpaid rent.

They arose from desperation they arose from the fear.
That was the true gift of Christmas and the coming new year.

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