New Vaccine both Welcome and Ominous

Habitat loss: part of the underlying real disaster. Fauci and the rest of the ecomodernists will be encouraged in their approach.

The news of this new method of producing vaccines may be just as ominous as it is welcome. Of course, we welcome a vaccine that can provide protection against Covid 19. But such a vaccine will also function like allowing a serial killer to get away with his first crime; it only encourages him to commit more. In this case, news stories were starting to emerge explaining the link between this pandemic and both industrial farming and habitat destruction. The capitalists were starting to worry. Now, they will be breathing a sigh of relief. “Nothing to see here. Move on, folks. Who cares if what we’re doing opens the door to new zoonotic pandemics? We can quickly produce a vaccine to protect people.” That will be the reaction, meaning that these two disastrous methods of food production can continue to accelerate.

Not so fast, folks! Who is to say that the next zoonotic pandemic won’t have a 50% mortality rate instead of the 1% of Covid 19? And who is to say that in the next one people cannot be immediately reinfected, that NO vaccine can provide long term protection? But even these are secondary questions. The main one is that the destruction of natural processes that are factory farming and habitat destruction will have further and unknowable side effects that we will only fully discover after it’s too late.

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  1. Be careful here. Anti-vacers are already undercutting utilization of any vaccines. The Soviet Union demonstrated the ability to utilize science and significantly reduced typhus, cholera and malaria. The United States also developed vaccines for polio, measles, mumps and diptheria. The article hedges in regards to what a vaccine means and presents a scenario of future pandemics in such a way as to undermine its own position that a vaccine is, in fact, good news. Poor and working people are looking for a cure for covid. It is a priority. A broad public buy-in means that the vaccine is not only available AND effective, but that it is utilized to an extent needed to be effective. There is room for a distinct and separate discussion in regards to factory farms and climate change.

    • Read the second sentence: “Of course, we welcome a vaccine that can provide protection against Covid 19.” In no way is this an anti-vax article. It is an anti-ecomodernism article.

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