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A Few Thoughts on the Second Biden-Trump Debate

According to this CNN snap poll, Biden marginally came out ahead. He should have wiped the floor with Trump.

CNN reported an interesting result regarding last night’s Biden/Trump debate: One reporter of theirs watched the debate with ten “undecided” voters in North Carolina. As a result of the debate none of the ten said they had decided in favor of Trump. Seven had decided in favor of Biden. One young man – a Trump voter in 2016 – had an interesting, although maybe unusual, explanation: He said that if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court he will vote for Biden. That’s because he knows that court won’t allow Biden to expand women’s right to have an abortion! Admittedly, this is just ten voters, but maybe this shows a general pattern.

Overall, I felt there were two issues where Biden dropped the ball:

A Trump rally. These events are at the heart of the new surge in Covid 19 because they encourage millions not to observe basic safety precautions. Biden failed to mention this.

First was on the issue of coronavirus. While Biden vigorously attacked Trump’s record, the thing he failed to mention was Trump’s encouraging people to practice social distancing and wearing masks. He failed to mention how the White House has become a hot spot for the disease as a result of this. He failed to explain how Trump’s encouraging people to act in this way is what is at the heart of the new surge in cases.

Wildfires: the devastating result of climate change. Trump calls it a “hoax”.

Second, on global warming, he failed to point out that Trump has called it a “hoax” and how Trump has encouraged science denialism, just as he has regarding Covid 19.

Were these failures just an accident? I’m always inclined to see such things as part of a pattern. Biden has stressed how he will “bring America together”. That means not alienating this more extreme, fanatical wing of both the US population and their representatives in the Republican Party.

So, if Biden wins, as they say “praise the lord and pass the ammunition”. In other words, mobilize to oppose Trump’s moves towards more blatant repression and his support for the fascist vigilante groups and individuals now. That can only be done with full effect by encouraging the rank and file of the unions to organize inside their unions. Make the unions link up with the protests against racism, etc. Make the unions fight for their members on the job.  Keep mobilizing after the election and fight for the interests of workers – all workers.

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