Notice in SaveMart and Lucky’s food stores

This notice is being posted in SaveMart and Lucky’s food stores, at least in Northern California. The information on the particular store where this has been posted is blacked out to protect those workers who gave it to us. (They are concerned that would face retribution.) As noted, much of it is outright untrue in the stores where we have information, and some of it is not only untrue but misleading in another sense. They claim that workers are getting their temperatures taken before the start of their shift. That is simply false, but even if it were true, it would be useless since if they have covid-19 they will have been infectious for days and possibly weeks before getting a fever. We also understand that already some employees in some stores have been calling in sick with Covid-19 like symptoms.

If you want to know what grocery workers are going through, we urge you to read this explanation from one. “We are working in a petri dish,” he says.

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