Prayers, guns and “freedom”

In response to the calls of the Trump idiots and of the Idiot in Chief himself to go back to work, there have been conversations on various construction worker Facebook pages. Here’s some of them:

Building Trades Worker 1: Wow… Here we have a failure to educate, let’s see… This virus has killed and infected so many people already around the world, but hey, I have to work… How dumb can one be?…. If working to pay the man is more important then your family and your life, go right ahead and keep following that false prophet, best of luck to you… Trumps kool aid is free, so is this virus… Over 650 thousand infected in less then 3 months.. And yet idiots still think it’s just a flu… I’m ashamed to have any connection to idiots of such….

Reply: do what you want. But stop trying to force others to take your path. With everything opened back up for business you can still stay the fuck home

Number One: lmao… Hold on tough guy, I’m not forcing you to do anything, stupid is as stupid does… But I can tell you this, you shouldn’t be a part of a Brotherhood with talk like that, it’s clear only money matters to you, it’s a shame life doesn’t equate to you as much

Reply #2: Cant hide in a bubble your whole life bubble boy !

#1 reply to that: no you are so correct, but you can stay in that casket buried a lot longer, what’s your wife’s number smart ass… I’ll take over when you are gone…. Lmao

After a lot of comments on another page about “whiney bitches” and stuff like that, I commented:
“To those real tough guys out there, the same ones who call us “whiney bitches” if we care about job conditions and coronavirus, here’s a couple of little stories:

“Years ago (back in the ’70s or early ’80s), I was working on a job in San Francisco. I was on the crew doing columns, putting on column clamps. There was one young guy (well, I was pretty young then too, but he was younger), a real whooper and hollerer, one of those who liked to rip and run as we used to say. I still remember his name – George. One morning, he came to work hollering especially loud. “Whoooo! I feel good!” was his start. Then he shouted to me, “Come on, John! Let’s race!” “I don’t race with anybody,” I told him and just kept on working at my normal pace. A few minutes later, I heard George wailing like a puppy dog that had been hit by a car. Wouldn’t you know it, he’d caught a finger or his hand in one of the column clamps. If you’ve ever worked with those things, it’s not hard to do and it hurts. Honestly, I felt as sorry for him as I do now for those idiots who insist on joining a crowd because it’s their “right” and then get sick.

“A second story: I knew another similar company-type man. Also a rip and run guy. He worked steady for one company for possibly ten years. Never missed a day. Then he hurt his back – maybe a slipped disk, I don’t remember. He was off for several months. He recovered enough to go back to work, and the company took him back…. For a couple of weeks. Then they laid him off… for good. We all know we have to work hard to make a living. But, please, don’t pretend you’re all so wonderful, so manly, because you’re sucking up to the boss. There are hundreds of thousands like that. You can get to the end of that particular line if you like. I never did and never will.”

I got a lot of the same garbage. “Those who would give up liberty for for safety deserve neither-Benjamin Franklin” wrote one person. “keep giving into the fear, thats what the government wants you to do so youre used to the taste of boot polish when they come and take the rest of your rights away. This used to be a free America but now its becoming a communist china thans to all the boot licking,” wrote another. (I suggested that he was well familiar with that taste, from licking the boss’s boots.)

I don’t want to give a false impression. These comments got a lot of support, but also some of the idiots. Finally, I got sick of all the idiots and made the following suggestion:

Now here’s another thought for all you freedom-loving Christians: You should all get together in one or another megachurch and pray really hard and really loud. Pack yourselves in as close as you possibly can. And lock the doors and close all the windows. After all, you wouldn’t want the holy spirit to escape.

“If any of you doesn’t feel well and starts coughing, then all gather round him or her to offer up your prayers. If they keep coughing, then gather in even closer, take a deep breath and pray even louder.

“If any of you starts to get really sick, keep them there and pray some more. You wouldn’t want to take them to a hospital to be around all those idolators and heathens and, worst of all, nurses who genuinely care about others. After all, we all know that caring about others is a sign of being a commie. Just keep together and keep praying.

“Now here’s another thought: Before you leave home to go to the church, gather up all your guns and every last piece of ammo to take with you. Keep your guns at the ready and off of safety. That’s because in those tight quarters, with all the tension, the devil is bound to come in and somebody is bound to go off. When he does (and it probably will be a “he”), mow him down without mercy. Hopefully, some of you will have a bump stock and can shoot on fully automatic. But in any case, just keep shooting. And if you have the slightest doubt who is shooting at who, shoot them too.

“That should take care of a lot of the problems we face in America.”

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