Coronavirus: A grocery worker speaks

A Lucky’s supermarket in Oakland. Workers are in close contact with customers but aren’t provided safety equipment – gloves or masks. These workers are just as important as doctors or nurses and deserve the same protection.

Oaklandsocialist has received the following letter from a grocery clerk in far Northern California. We reprint it here along with a message from Oaklandsocialist. I distributed it in my local Lucky’s. Workers there were very concerned. They had not seen hide nor hair from their union reps – Missing In Action as usual.

While a lot is being said about health care workers, nothing is said about other workers who keep our society running – workers at water plants, garbage collectors, electric utility workers. Imagine where we would be without them! We urge readers to download the pdf version of this letter, print up copies and distribute them when YOU go to the grocery store. If you prefer a version without the mention of Oaklandsocialist, contact us and we will provide you with one.



PDF version: grocery clerks letter

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  1. Ironic, this post popped into my email just as I was writing to you about my experience going to Lucky’s this morning and the kindness of a clerk. Wish I’d had this to give out then. As a senior I am limiting my trips to the grocery store but I will post this and send to friends.

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