France: for general meetings and elected strike committees

The following article is dated Dec. 5 (today) and is from the French blog site “Arguments pour la lutte sociale

Editorial of December 5, 2019 at 10:30 pm

Posted on December 5, 2019 by aplutsoc

“806,000” protesters according to the Interior Ministry, which said yesterday expect “270,000”. This probably means double.

As a day of demonstration, the level of 1995 and that of May 13, 1968 are reached. If the proportion of strikers is comparable to that of the demonstrators as in schools, colleges and high schools, then we had millions of strikers: The massive eruption of the totality of the personnel of the public education was a central fact of this day.

The proportion is probably not that, but what is reached – it was already in recent days – is that December 5, 2019 is part of the series of general strikes, of 1936, 1953 and 1968. Today, it was indeed the general strike wanted and fixed from below, coming from afar because merging the organic experiences of 1995, 2003, and May developing since 2016, and that of the yellow vests ,.

Virtually all comments are, of course, beside this reality. We enter the next day.

The parameters of the following day are:

  • that the gathering of the exploited in the light of the exploiters against the exploiters is there,
  • that the question of power is posed
  • that everything passes by the organization of the strikers and mobilized masses themselves. 

A party representing this majority would only express its will by anticipating the inevitable confrontation.

General meetings! Elected Strike Committees!

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