Union leader released in Iran

Esmail Bakshi with family and friends upon his release

From the Hekmatist Party:

Celebrations of a victory

On the occasion of the release of Haft Tapeh detainees


The continuous protests of the workers of Haft Tapeh, the resistance of detainees in the prisons of the Islamic Republic, the support of the workers, students, teachers, associations of those retired in Iran, alongside the broad solidarity of the progressive forces, trade unions and workers’ organisation worldwide, … broke the gates of the prisons of the Islamic Republic. These actions have forced the Islamic Republic to release Esmail Bakhshi and other Haft Tapeh detainees, apprehended workers of the Azar-Ab industry, as well as those detained after this year’s May Day rally in Iran.

Although the Islamic Republic has called their release as “temporary” and that a number of workers and activists are still detained, what is most evident is that the broad protests have forced the authorities to retreat and give in to the release of those who together were sentenced to over a 100 years of imprisonment and unprecedented number of lashes.

This is an important victory for a movement that is intent on achieving freedom and equality, a movement that has forced a major climb-down of the Islamic Republic in its attempts to crush and silence workers’ protests for their rights in Iran.

Today, celebrations are taking place everywhere across Iran. We, in turn congratulate this victory to Esmail Bakhshi, all released detainees, their families and all their supporters inside and outside Iran. This is a boost for a mass movement that will continue its efforts to force the Islamic Republic to release of all protestors detained in Iran.

We invite all freedom seeking people and organisations to join us in celebrating this occasion in various programmes that we have organised outside Iran.

Long live international solidarity

Hekmatist Party (Official Line) – Organisation Abroad

Esmail Bakshi with family and friends upon his release

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