Union rank and file can stop climate disaster

Sisters and brothers: Anybody who looks around is extremely concerned about the looming climate disaster and the fires in the Amazon. Home to 2/3 of our planet’s species, the Amazon is also a major contributor to the world’s weather patterns. According to this study the Amazon sends 20 billion tons of water into the atmosphere every day! It is a major contributor to the “atmospheric rivers” that circulate the planet. Without the Amazon, we will see a vast acceleration of droughts and desertification.

I’ve actually been losing sleep over this. But here’s something we can all do: Next Monday is Labor Day. Here’s a leaflet that Oaklandsocialist will be handing out at the annual labor event here in Oakland. You can do something similar. We’d be happy to send you a pdf of this leaflet, or a word file for you to change around to suit your needs. Or write up something you prefer. To those who want to act: Please keep in touch to work together.

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