Now presenting: Boris Johnson, next British Prime Minister!

Boris Johnson
Britain’s version of Donald Trump.

From Steve McKenzie in Britain:

Barring a huge surprise, clown prince Boris Johnson will be anointed as the unelected prime minister next week.

It is a fitting epitaph for the absolute degeneration, chaos and total lack of democracy that reigns supreme in this country at the moment. Neo liberal policies have reduced Britain from a leading industrial nation to a so called, ‘service economy’, and an international laughing stock.

First introduced by Thatcher, the policies of cutting and privatizing public services and crushing trade unionism has led us to this disgraceful situation, and this farcical juncture. The almost complete destruction of what was left of heavy industry, reduced what was once the workshop of the world into a gangsters paradise. Inequality soared as working class people were driven into the ground.

Unemployment, poverty wages, zero hours contracts and bogus self employment became the norm in our non unionised economy. Stockbrokers, property developers, chief executives and assorted parasites and spivs enriched themselves at our expense.

Tony Blair, the yuppies’ man in the Labour Party

The neo liberal nightmare continued with the government of the war criminal Tony Blair and the repulsive old new labour clique who had taken control of the Labour party. Embracing the rule of the market, privatisation and cuts continued on an unprecedented scale. They outdid Thatcher in many respects as far as privatisation and outsourcing was concerned.

Then there was the financial crash of 2008 when the irresponsible strategy of leaving everything to market forces finally caught up. Things went from bad to worse as the government intervened to bail out the banks.

The political reflection of this was the final humiliating demise of old new labour under the hapless Gordon Brown.

What followed was the austerity of the Cameron/Clegg Tory, Lib Dem coalition.On top of the appalling suffering already inflicted on the majority of the population, we were now having to suffer austerity measures on top, to pay for the bankers crisis.

The right wing populism, the culture of blame, coupled with the backward looking illusion of returning to the, ‘good oĺd days’, started to take hold.

David Cameron’s promise of a referendum on EU membership was the only thing that took the legs from under Farage and UKIP in the 2015 election.

From Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May to Boris Johnson. What a nightmare!

The subsequent vote in favour of Brexit wiĺl undoubtedly bring about the biggest economic catastrophe this country has ever experienced outside of a war. However that was the outcome of the referendum.

Cameron understood the consequences of the outcome of the vote. The fact that he immediately resigned was telling.

The fact that the ruling elite and their political representatives in the Tory party are now openly split down the middle is telling.

The fact that the worst prime minister in British history, Teresa May, was unable to secure a deal was telling.

This brings us up to date and the incredible reality that a nasty buffoon, like Johnson, is set to become the unelected prime minister, promising Brexit with no deal if neccasary, by the 31st October. He reflects the joke that Britain has been reduced to in the eyes of the rest of the world.

A general election is desperately needed.

Roger Silverman adds:

Spot on… except that Boris will surely make a deal with Farage. They both have an identical programme, after all. He’ll offer Farage a job (ambassador to the USA?) and allow the Brexit Party to stand candidates against pro-Remain Tories, thus splitting the Tories and quite possibly winning the snap election and carrying through Brexit. That would be the start of a new era of collapse and conflict: a Weimar period.

Boris Johnson
Britain’s version of Donald Trump.

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