Trump’s racist tweets show where he’s headed in the coming electon

Trump’s rallies increasingly are a reminder of the fascist past.

Trump at his rally, enjoying the chants of “send her back”. He later lied and claimed he tried to discourage this chant.

Three days after Trump’s racist tweets and the day after he set of fascistic “send her back” chants at his rally in Greenville, the AFL-CIO was silent on the issue. So was Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Even the liberals, though, have openly compared that rally in Greenville to a fascist Brown Shirt rally. The hysteria, the racism and chauvinism and the implicit violence certainly do justify that name.

Trump is revealing his electoral strategy. As the 2018 elections showed, there are not enough open racist and chauvinist bigots to get him reelected. The only thing that makes sense is for him to build up the hysteria among his faithful minority and use mass voter suppression to get himself reelected.


The AFL-CIO web page three days after Trump’s racist tweets.

As for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: Her life is in danger. Trump has set off a violent mood that will tend to focus on her, and also the rest of “The Squad”. Any assault on her or any of the others of “the Squad” will simply ratchet up the blood lust and embolden the violent fascists who are supporting Trump.

That is why it’s such a disastrous mistake to simply campaign for “Bernie”, or any political candidate. Now is the time toget out in the street. Now is the time to hold protests at federal buildings in every major city and some of the minor ones in the US. This includes sitting down inside them to shut them down.


DSA: Silent on the issue too.

Trump’s rallies increasingly are a reminder of the fascist past.


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