#Jewishresistance in San Francisco protest of concentration camps

Video of July 5 protest by some 200+ people – mainly but not entirely Jewish youth – against Trump’s concentration camps at the US/Mexican border. They were protesting the camps as well as the fact that the Democrats had voted to help fund these camps. One thing to think about, as mentioned in the video: Why not lobby the labor movement to turn out their tens of thousands of members? After all, this is all of us involved. Oaklandsocialist would like to help organize this. Here are some photos and a short video of the protest.

Marching down Market St.


Outside Pelosi’s office






Some of the signs:


“Never again… For anyone”

“Never Again is Now…
Close the Camps!”












“Granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor says ‘Never Again… #IfNotNowWHEN?”




“Keep Families Together… In Palestine (and) At the US Border”
















A Japanese American makes the connection with the Japanese internment camps during WW II.








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