When is violence not violence?

Question: When is violence not violence?
Answer: When the attacker is a school board member and the victim is a striker.

Above is a picture of Larry Baer, president of the SF Giants, assaulting his wife. This has caused a scandal – as well it should – and Baer has been forced to take a temporary leave of absence from the Giants as a result

Below is a picture of Oakland Unified School Board member Jemoke Hodge assaulting a picket. What has happened with that? After Hodge issued a half-hearted apology in which she outright lied about what happened, the hope is that this assault will be forgotten. In the background is OUSD president, Aimee Eng. At the board meeting of March 4, Eng gave a sanctimonious warning about not tolerating violence, but neither she nor anybody else on the board had a thing to say about their partner-in-crime’s assault. Hodge should be forced to resign immediately and should be arrested for assault.

You can be certain that if it had been a teacher assaulting a school board member, that teacher would be fired. And if it were a student, that student would be expelled.

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  1. The fact that the violent school board member’s arrest isn’t being advocated needs to change. Demanding her prosecution and banishment from the board is a political act and is an example of utilizing dual tactics. It is not too late!. Are you down? We would need a small team to strategize and to wage an educatiyon-mobilization campaign. Even if we loose we win.

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