Oakland students walk out

In 1968, a teacher strike in New York City shook up the entire school system, leading to a huge high school student movement. This was at a time when young people were looking for radical change. This writer remembers going to a discussion group of high school students in Harlem, where the students were talking about revolutionary theory. That’s what was going on! Today, there is a crisis in the entire education system in the whole state. In West Virginia last year, the teachers shut down the whole state education system. Students in California can do the same here! We hope to hear from you, students! What do you think of organizing a state-wide shut down of the education system?


This young woman has the right idea. Let’s have an end to the conservative strike policies. We don’t need to trash stuff, but we sure can block the streets and shut down Oakland to win!

And another good point!

My favorite sign!


It took a bit for me to catch the point of this sign, but once it was explained I realized it was brilliant. The guy – the Oakland school board (:OUSD”) – is with his girl friend – the students. But you can see who he’s really interested in – private profit


Some more students waiting to be interviewed by the local tv. It’s only when they make a noise that young people get noticed!

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  1. Of course the 1968 Teachers strike in NYC was a *reactionary* strike to preserve the white job trust of the union. The students were on the side of the community against the union. Not so here.

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