In free fall: The US stock market and mental state of US president

The stock market is in free fall. The federal government is in partial shutdown and nobody knows how long this will last. US foreign policy is unknown, while the executive branch of the federal government is completely in the hands of somebody who never was too swift to start with but is now rapidly losing his mind. “I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security,” Tweets Trump on Christmas Eve. He probably thinks he meant that as an attempt at humor, but all jokes contain an element of seriousness. The tweet gives a sense of what the president is going through, alone and increasingly isolated… and increasingly deranged and dangerous.

Here is an article by CNN which gives an idea of the extreme political crisis of US capitalism. In the past, Oaklandsocialist has speculated that their crisis could be the worst since the US Civil War. It definitely is worse than the political crisis during the Vietnam War. Yes, in those years there was the anti-war movement and the Civil Rights movement, but at least then the capitalist class had a firm grip on all levers of government. That grip loosened a bit during the last days of the Watergate crisis, but while Nixon fired the head prosecutor, the main people in the administration remained.

If that article isn’t enough, here is a column from Pulitzer Prize winning conservative journalist, Thomas Friedman. He is saying exactly what Oaklandsocialist had said – that previously the US capitalist class had thought they could sufficiently keep Trump in check for four years and then, hopefully, get him voted out, but they are now concluding that they can’t tolerate two more years of his rule.
Friedman calls for impeachment. He calls on the Republicans to accept this necessity. Will enough in the Senate do so to make this a reality? Up until now, Trump kept them all in line by threatening to “primary” them, meaning supporting an opponent the next time they ran in the Republican primaries. But with his mystique crumbling, maybe some of them will step up to the plate and do what is necessary… according to the near unanimous view of the US capitalist class.
What Friedman and all of the others apparently fail to take into account is that if there is even a hint of the beginning of impeachment proceedings, and especially if some Republicans get on board, meaning that it looks like that could possibly succeed, Trump will absolutely freak out. If they don’t like what he’s said and done so far, well…
Meanwhile, a former staffer on Trump’s TV show, The Apprentice, claims that Trump used to snort ground up
Adderall before the show.
This is just the beginning of the crisis.
For a more in depth analysis, see this article.

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